Beast Wars Armordillo

Beast Wars: TransformersEdit

To reduce thermal energy intake, infrared vision allows Armordillo to battle at night, when the desert battlefield has cooled. His back bears the burden of a built-in-suit of armor that is virtually impenetrable. Enemy artillery pounces off like pebbles, while his own hidden laser weapon causes devastating damage to Predacon attackers.

Transformers: WarriorsEdit

As Armordillo plays with Blast Master and Missle Master, Bumblebee watches them play fight wildly. It seems that Armordillo always win. "You may need more practice to be bulkier,"Armordillo says every time. When it comes to danger, he's always ready for a fight with Menasor or Bruticus. He's small, but he's good at stopping them fast. At least someone beats Packrat's record. Armordillo is a friend of Powerglide and likes to talk to him about fighting for hours.