Transformers: Generation 1 Doublecross.

Doublecross is a two headed dragon.

Transformers: Generation 1Edit

Doublecross can't be depended on - or he can't depend on himself because he has two minds that don't agree on each other. A deal made with one mind won't necessarily bind to the other accordingly. He hisses while he talks. When he turns to a dragon, he flies 80 miles per hour and has razor sharp teeth. In robot mode, he uses a rifle to corrode his enemies. Doublecross appeared on 3 cartoon episodes and 9 comic books.

Transformers: WarriorsEdit

Doublecross appeared on comic book #63 to protect Fortress Maximus. Flak was hopefully sure that Doublecross can shred his enemies into a million pieces. Ground Hog is Doublecross's nemesis. Doublecross's best friend is Highbrow. Sometimes he gets tired of Hardhead trying to be better than him. The Transformers: Warriors Defenders Doublecross toy was released in Japan in 2007.