Transformers: Generation 1 Menasor

Transformers: Generation 1Edit



Drag Strip


Dead End

A clanking, crushing terror that destroys all in his path - the ultimate Decepticon weapon if he wasn't so confused by the opposing thoughts of the five Stunticons that comprise him.(Motormaster is loathed by the other four.) With tremendous strength, his punch has the force of 140 tons. Imprevious to most artillery. Menasor uses a cyclone gun and carries an ionizer sword with a 50,000 volt charge. He appeared in 19 comics and 14 cartoon episodes.

Transformers: WarriorsEdit

Motormaster, Wildrider, Drag Strip, Breakdown, and Dead End all transform into Menasor. On comic book #87, during the series of Optimus Prime's return, The Battle Patrol and the Air Patrol tries to break Menasor down. Tread Bolt always climb on Menasor and hopes to shoot him. Superion later come by and leads the Autobots to Menasor, but Menasor's ultimate super punch can knock down over 20 Autobots down. Menasor uses his sword to slash out enemies that gets in his way. Menasor was last seen on comic book #96.

Transformers: CybertronEdit


Trnsformers: Cybetron Menasor

Menasor knows the power of Giant Planet. He burns with jealously of the glory of Metroplex, and is disgusted that the leader of Giant Planet uses all the power at his disposal only for peace. Menasor has waited centuries for the arrival of any like Megatron - a true leader with the wisdom to know the true purpose of power. With the might of the Decepticons at his back, he hopes to overthrow Metroplex and turn Giant Planet into what it was meant to be - a conquering war world at the center of a Galactic Empire!