Walkover is one of Hiötech's minions. His enemy Road Ceasar killed him on 15th comic issue. Walkover was made by Quintesson. Megatron used him as a slave.

Revenge of the InsecticonsEdit

Walkover appeared on chapter 5 talking to the Quintesson Scientist. Nemesis Fallen came in and took Walkover to Cybertron. Walkover's form is a hawk wasp. Perceptor took Walkover to Earth. When it was night time, Walkover discovered a piece of energon and went to the planet Junk. The Quintesson Scientist displayed the energon piece to Quintesson.

Video GamesEdit

Walkover appeared on Transformers: Warriors 2 Game (a Nintendo 64 game).

Takara ToysEdit

The Transformers: Robot Universe (The Japanese name of Transformers: Warriors) Walkover toys were too small like four inches wide and 10 inches tall.